Jim Oliver Replay Live A

Thank you for your purchase of the April 13th LIVE Streaming Music Meditation Event. Here is the link to download your purchase. Right click on the following link and select Save Link As” in the dropdown that appears. Save the file in a location that you can remember and then open it with the appropriate application. Right Click on “Download: creative-flow-of-you1” link and select SAVE AS or SAVE LINK AS to your hard drive (Files size is 95MB and download is based upon your download capability). or Right Click on “Download: creative-flow-of-you1” link and select DOWNLOAD LINK FILE or DOWNLOAD LINK FILE AS to your hard drive. APPLE USERS: Apple users need to press the “option” key while clicking on the download file name. THIS DOWNLOAD LINK WILL EXPIRE on June 17 at 5:00 p.m. MDT Copyright and Sound Recording 2013 James Oliver – All Rights reserved

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