Harmonies of Light March 13th Presentation


Harmonies of Light March 13th Presentation ~ 30:00

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Harmonies of Light – Residing in Love

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 Harmonies of Light – RESIDING IN LOVE

Music from the Harmonies of Light 3-13-17 event


Infused with Harmonies of Light

This music will not only anchor you more deeply into your own inner knowing but will invite you to experience THE INFINITE DEPTHS OF UNCONDITIONAL LOVE

. What is the greatest cause of suffering?
. Rise above fear.
. Dissolve the illusion of the ego
. Experience Spontaneous Clarity
. Move from linearity to Multi-Dimensional Spontaneity from the comfort of your heart.
. Your Foundational Inner Compass

It is imperative now to be anchored in the ground of I AM Consciousness as the appearance of outside ideological structures and circumstances are seen through and let go of.

When you are anchored in the Truth of Knowing and claiming who and what you really are, you can then meet any illusion with the strength of clearly seeing your unlimited potential. You are then able to pivot from a vibration of unconditional love and see any “outside” circumstance for what it really is….just an opportunity for the mind to let go of false conclusions. This is not a syrupy-pansy type of of love, but a radiant, steadfast stream of fine frequencies that navigate you through any mistaken identities you may attach yourself to. The spontaneous music carries these frequencies.

The music, which is infused with Harmonies of Light colors, assists you in navigating from your True Source Self as old deep patterns continue to dissolve and deconstruct.

Music Sample

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