Harmonies of Light – Red Moon Eclipse


Harmonies of Light – Red Moon Eclipse – September 27th, 2015 LIVE Streaming Music Meditation
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This is the deeply engaging and expansive music from Jim Oliver’s 9-27-15 Live Streaming Harmonies of Light – Red Moon Eclipse when we simultaneously connected with people from all over the world for this truly unique event.

Price: MP3 $20.00 – CD $20.00 – DVDs $25 – CD & DVD PKG $35 – Bluray Disc $30

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Harmonies of Light – Red Moon Eclipse. Price: MP3 $20.00 – CD $20.00 – DVD $25 – CD & DVD PKG $35
Bluray Disc $30

Red Moon Eclipse Photo by Jacy Oliver © 2015

Music Sample

A Live Streaming Music and Harmonically Coordinated Color Meditation World Premiere Event with Jim Oliver

There truly aren’t any words to express my gratitude for this extraordinarily powerful piece of music. Personally I feel that this is Jim’s best composition to date. Veils have lifted revealing new cosmic realms and dimensions, accompanied by profound gratitude, love and just pure magic, that I have not experienced before!! Thank you……..I hope this composition will be available ASAP for purchase as an MP3 download and also in video format. Please keep us informed. Sparkles In Every DayJ.M.

Now you can experience the first-of-its-kind Music Meditation and Harmonically Coordinated Color Live Streaming Event. Jim will be harmonizing sound and color (which are 35-45 octaves apart). This offers the greatest opportunity for creating the most coherence in your energy field so that you can hold the highest frequency possible.

Jim is a globally recognized pioneer in sound healing. He has now added the dimension of coordinated colored light frequencies to his expansive and transformational music. Jim has developed a unique lighting system that plays the colors that are mathmatically and harmonically related to the musical notes on his keyboards as he spontaneously welcomes the Music of the Spheres.

ASTROLOGICALLY, this unique music event will assist us all to align with the highest frequencies we can hold for the Total Lunar Eclipse on 9-27-15. The eclipse was on the Libra – Aries Axis (Venus – Mars). A key word is “Fruition”.

IMAGINE how amazing this will be to connect with the group energy of thousands of people from all over the world who continue to connect and purposefully share the mindful vision of Unity and Oneness. Jim’s transformational music is immediately accessible and an ideal way to help you dis-entangle from the programming of dis-stress, dis-connection, distortion, dis-harmony, dis-ease…unravel addiction. Soothe your spirit and emotions. Become one with the music and colors and be free to be your True Self…the Divine Essence you already are.

Set your own personal intention and focus for the music meditation. Jim tunes into the group that is present in the moment and with those that will listen and view a replay in the future. Jim will play live music from his state-of-the-art music and light studio for about 45 minutes.

“Concerning matter, we have been all wrong. What we have called matter is really energy, whose vibration has been lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter.” Albert Einstein

Unlike a traditional concert where there is a performer and an audience, this event invites you to merge energies with people from all over the world, resonating with a higher purpose and commitment to Oneness. You are part of the Symphony of Life.

This music can help to restore balance and harmony to the body, mind, spirit and emotions and integrate cellular healing. Each person will have their own unique experience of Jim’s music and you will feel the transformative power of your own soul’s essence.

Please join us with an open mind and an open heart….be the innocence of a child.

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Dear Jim, First of all, thank you so much for the blessing of your “Harmonies of Light” livestream broadcast. I am so deeply moved and transported by the love and peace that you create. Your music is celestial. I thank you for your guided and loving service. I wanted to reinforce for you the difference you make daily in the lives of your listeners and devotees. With deep gratitude and joy,

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