Love Dance


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Jim Oliver with Rusty Crutcher. Lilting melodies dance between these two musicians known for their sensitivity to music and healing. Rusty’s alto saxophone flows gracefully with Jim’s grounding and expansive keyboards in this magically unusual recording. The night these two musicians met, rather than get to know each other through conversation, they turned on the tape recorder and improvised together. Later, while listening to the recordings, they and others realized that their musical “dialogues” were worthy of sharing. The entire album was created in this way. A “Love Dance” of harmony and balance.

Love Dance was composed and recorded live, with no overdubs, direct to the digital master. For the best clarity of recording, Jim and Rusty were acoustically isolated so neither musician could see the other. Thus, each of them had to listen to the other with their heart as well as their ears. You enjoy the sensitivity and warmth of their live, musical offering as if you were there. Rich, sensual, intimate and expressive. Wonderful for all activities.

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Jim Oliver – Keyboards
Rusty Crutcher – Alto Saxophone

50 minutes

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