This multi-media art piece combines the meaning and essence of the opening flower and the living crystal into a mandala.

The mandala form has been used for centuries as a visual aid in meditation, instruction, ritual, and as a protective talisman.

The opening flower represents rebirth, renewal and awakening. The delicate blossom presents itself to life without expectations with only the intent to arrive and be present. It innately provides what it can to support life in its surroundings. It brings brilliant beauty and a sense of purity, fertility, joy and resurrection. Being present and showing gratitude for the gifts and opportunities that life provides to us is a key teaching of the opening flower.

The crystal can be a poignant counterpart to the flower. Where the flower blooms then withers and awaits its next opportunity to shine, the crystal is a long*standing source of mother earth’s teachings. A crystal passes the full spectrum of light and color through its prismatic container. It brings forth a new understanding of how we can process our own thoughts and experiences. It teaches us to allow all energies, positive and negative, to flow through us rather than holding onto stagnant emotions which can create energetic blockages. Only by allowing the old to flow onward, can one make room to receive the synchronicities, and listen to the voice of the universe in the now.

The focus and intent of this piece is to encourage its viewers to relinquish the illusion of control and allow life’s gifts and opportunities to unfold naturally, without expectation. It is our hope that this art will help provide a means for effortless integration of mind, body and soul

Prices: $42 – $49

We can mount the artwork on foam board for an additional $7 – for a total cost of $49 plus shipping and handling.