Jim Oliver & One World Puja Network Event

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The One World Puja Network is proud to host Jim Oliver’s

​Opening To The Creative Flow of You

Multi-keyboardist Jim Oliver is an Emmy Award winning musician, dynamic performer, composer of more than 3500 hours of transformational healing music. Jim brings forth unique combinations of sustained tones, melodic notes and chords that speak to the soul and expand one’s consciousness.

Jim’s music is a beautiful blend of art and science that is at once relaxing and rejuvenating. Calming yet intellectually stimulating. Jim is passionate about helping people heal and experience transformation through the power of sound. His music invites the human spirit to remember how truly awesome it is.

Jim’s music can help to restore balance and harmony to the body, mind, spirit and emotions and integrates cellular healing. Each person will have their own unique experience of Jim’s music and you will feel the transformative power of the music.

Jim’s beautiful and soulful music has been found to encourage amazing healings in body, mind and spirit for people from all over the world. He is a recognized musician on the World Puja Network, and has played in the United Nations Chapel and touched the hearts of people from around the world.

​Join us as we create a global musical and video experience for the world to share.

April 13th, 2013 at 9 PM Eastern

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Tickets are $22.50 and include the MP3 recording

of the 45 minute Music Meditation Concert!