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Have you ever wondered how it would be to have a personal soundtrack for supporting you every day of your life?

Music engages the body, mind, spirit and emotions in a manner that is unique to you and your needs now and into the future. Jim integrates his deep understanding of music, frequencies/pitch, sound waveforms/instruments, chord progressions, modulations and color harmonics into your special music.

In a movie, the music represents and guides the emotions. Suspension and resolution mirrors problem and solution and invites immediate action and purposeful movement. In our lives, music is a companion for most all events and activities we participate in.

For a very LIMITED TIME, Jim Oliver will be offering personal music on MP3.

  • Set your intention and listen to this unique music that is custom created to support you for your highest purpose.
  • Play your MP3 daily as you reaffirm your intention and be open to receiving healing (to make whole), harmony and balance in an easily accessible form.
  • The vibration of the music accompanies you throughout your day and night.
  • Each personal music piece is spontaneously composed and recorded in Jim’s one-of-a-kind, exclusive Harmonies of Light Recording Studio.
  • Yes, the colors that are harmonically and mathematically related to the musical notes on Jim’s vast array of keyboards are infused with the music so you receive an expanded level of music and color healing.
  • This helps to un-cover and reveal The Magnificent You - that you already are!
  • Connect deeply with your True-Self…Your Divine Essence.
  • Clearly experience Your Soul’s Path.

Relax, Receive, Resonate and Radiate the authentic you. This original music is a vibrational model of you in your optimal state of Beingness and Oneness with all that is – welcoming you to align with and fully integrate the Truth of Your Divine Essence.

Personal Music MP3 
(approximately 20 minutes in length)

Retail: $499

Limited Time Only: $325

COMING SOON - Personal Harmonies of Light Music and Color

Introductory Special $495

Includes and MP3 and video download.