Jim Oliver’s music is unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. You don’t listen to this music, you experience it. In fact, every cell of your body experiences it. It creates coherence in your brain and opens you to an influx of light, love and deep peace. I truly believe this music is a technique for spiritual awakening. I use Jim’s music as the background for the meditations I lead for audiences around the world and I know that it significantly enhances everyone’s experience. I would go to the ends of the earth to experience Jim Oliver’s music. His music is magical and incredibly healing...

Debra Poneman

Good Morning Jim. This offering is deeply moving. I am not sure I can find adequate words to describe my experience. I found myself swimming in the light, feeling energies within supported and activated with greater loving energies of co-creation. It was cellular. Deeply activating a range of emotions from tears of gratitude to empowerment. I felt the divinity within you flowing as an expression of light and love and as a reflection to join the divinity within and of oneness. Thank you! It truly is a gift. May your day be filled with joy.

Jeanine Thompson
Personal Growth Catalyst

Jim Oliver’s celestial, otherworldly music takes us from the mundane to the magnificent. He touches our soul and guides us into our true nature of being, which is bliss consciousness.


World renowned speaker, developmental biologist and best-selling author of The Biology of Belief and The Honeymoon Effect, likes to listen to Jim’s music while writing. He finds it to be so calming and intellectually energizing. When I asked Bruce how I could be the most effective with my music he said “just play music”.

Dr. Bruce Lipton

“Bravo Jim A splendid and marvelous musical experience of the highest level. A beautiful journey into the inner worlds of deep serenity and peace. I loved the clarity and crispness of the tones, layered with many levels of possibility and potential. Thank you from my heart for a blessed journey of Light and Sound. It took me about 45 minutes to come back. Still feeling the effects”.

Kenji Kumara

Dear Jim, First of all, thank you so much for the blessing of your “Harmonies of Light” livestream broadcast. I am so deeply moved and transported by the love and peace that you create. Your music is celestial. I thank you for your guided and loving service. I will treasure this month of replays and be moved by it daily. I actually already habitually listen to your transforming music, for one of my daily meditations is Suzanne Giesemann’s “Making the Connection” offering, which brings me great assurance and joy, and begins and fills my every day with loving support and guidance. I wanted to reinforce for you the difference you make daily in the lives of your listeners.


I am counting the days until September 27th. (Harmonies of Light ‑ Red Moon Eclipse Livestreaming Event.) I can’t even imagine the power of this music coupled with harmonically coordinated color. Just the thought of it takes my breath away.

Jim, I finally got a chance to listen to the replay from Saturday (ReBirth May 7, 2016)….Totally blown away!!!! Still vibrating! Don’t know if I’ll be able to sleep! If I do, I will have very high vibration dreams. Can’t wait for the miraculous May 21st!! xo, debra From Debra about Your Year of Miracles May 21, 2016 Harmonies of Light. “UNBELIEVABLE!!!

Dear Jenny, I just found out about this amazing concert offered through the World Puja Network. I would go to the ends of the earth to experience Jim Oliver’s music His music is magical and incredibly healing….for all situations in life…. Enjoy!

Debra Poneman best-selling author and Founder of Yes to Success Seminars, Inc. and co-founder of Your Year of Miracles with Marci Shimoff

Debra Poneman

“The authenticity, depth, and sincerity of Jim Oliver and his transformational music blows me away time and time again! It is with immense appreciation that I receive the pure and divine quality contained within the frequency transmission offered in his ever expansive, empowering sharings. If you are ready to remember who you are and invite that remembrance into your heart, don’t hesitate! I highly encourage you to feel, integrate, and experience the power and brilliance contained within Jim’s music. Your soul will be eternally grateful, as is mine.”

Cari Murphy, International Best Selling Author and Award Winning Host of “The Cari Murphy Show” and Soul Success Coach

Cari Murphy

Mr. Oliver, I must say you have been blessed with a very special gift, and you are being a wonderful human being by sharing with us. When I was a child, in my pain and loneliness I found peace in playing the notes of the piano I still remember the piano at the orphanage and boys home. Now I am 36 and healing from a life time of this pain and sorrow, and your music is really great and so very much appreciated. Cheers and best of wishes to you.


Dear Jim, I so much enjoyed the concert tonight watching you was like watching Bach in ballet. Also listening to the concert while enjoying the sunset in Eldorado paradisio. As the concert completed, Beethoven spoke to me in Beethoven Pathetique 3rd movement. Anyways, thank you for the wonderful concert. Thank you for blessing all of your listeners. Hope to see you soon. Blessings,


What an incredible talent the universe has given you to share with all of us. Om Shanti Om. Namaste,




ABOUT Living In Heaven On Earth: Hi Jim, I do appreciate this and yes I love your music, I have been through so much resulting in long periods of depression but dealt with this without drugs because I know years of challenge has been the cause and my work had to be on finding ways to feel good rather than drug out. Your music as I sleep and drive in my car has been very helpful and part of my plan which has resulted in more feeling good now rather than depressed, I am able to deal with my situation which had not been ideal but again a great spring board in which to fly from. Thank you


ABOUT The Frequencies of Gratitude Jim, What a fabulous experience last night. Thank you for bringing your gifts to the world. … feeling the frequencies of gratitude as I walk with my dogs in the fresh snow, shovel my elder neighbor’s driveway, sit by my fireplace with treasured coffee. mmmmm. It’s all very good.


ABOUT Music For Parkinson’s:

My wife swears by the healing power of your music. I also can see a difference in her when she listens regularly.


I just ordered the Gazing Within CD. Thank you for creating such Divinely exquisite music. It is totally uplifting and transformative. Best wishes for a heavenly holiday and New Year.

Nancy P.

Jim thank you sooooo much for such a beautiful gift….

Happy and healthy Holidays to you and your family……

Much Light,


Deepest Gratitude to Jim Oliver & the Team for the angelic sounds that indeed touch the heart, connect to the Divine. Thank You for the gift of your Light and Love. Sending you my love & wishes,


So very moving and beautiful thanks so much for this song and Starfield too. Keep them coming as they are awakening us.


Since more than a decade I opened that portal thanks to Jim Oliver’s music. Thanks Jim – God Bless You.


Jim, can you please publish it on your web page too for us to be able to download this masterpiece and listen to it when and were ever we feel ready to re experience this powerful holistic initiation again and again? 1001 thanks from Munich City in Germany….


This is the kind of music the world is in urgent need of especially right now and actually all over the planet. This is heavenly inspired art helping all humans to evolve to the heights we were created to experience already on earth…..


I experienced a fantastic light show purple, pink, orange and blue mostly. About half way through, I saw a flower with light raining down on it. I knew it was me. I could feel my crown chakra open wide, and I felt someone touch me on the top of my head. It ended with an amazing light show with different colors. Thank you for this amazing experience.


I was just listening to your music again and wanted to share that it is supremely beautiful. Truly inspired by God and this is the feeling it evokes. Pure joy…peace…love…the infinite.


Love this conversation re self healing. It reminds me of something Rumi says: I merged so completely with Love, and was so focused, that I became Love, and Love became me…this is the secret of self healing.

Sue Pittsford

That was so beautifully awesome. Thank you and many blessings.

Connie Ann Arbor

Hi, For me this was about emerging and coming out of hiding about who I really am. Also has let me release those that are in my life but not for MY higher good. It is lovely music and helped me open my heart up again.

Judy Fairfield

Thank you for the music. At one point i was circling in space with another spirit holding hands.

Vancouver, BC, Canada

So awesomely beautiful. I can feel such benefits in my body. It’s really tingling. Yes, healing our Dear Earth would be wonderful. Thank you. It did turn out so wonderfully well.

From Sandi C.
Saskatchewan, Canada

I felt it in my heart feels like something let loose. It brought tears to my eyes but I don’t know why or what was released. My heart is still vibrating with the music.

Julie Centreville,

Hello Jim, I want to thank you for your CD Harmonic Resonance. I chose your music as background for the hardest day of my life last Wed., when I had to euthanize my beloved dog Xango here in Santa Fe. The vet came to our home, where he was safe and relaxed. I first heard your music at Unity Santa Fe, during a healing session years ago. I am also a musician, singing as special music there every few months. Best wishes to you

Paula E.

I loved watching and listening to your videos. Your work has a true magnificence that heals the body, mind and soul.

Robert R.
B Parkinson’s Recovery Summit

Jim, I just started using Gazing Within for my sessions and it is BRILLIANT AND PERFECT. Thank you so much. LOVE


Hi Jim, I love your music. It is that simple. I discovered it through a friend and have listened to it daily as I do my Qi Gong exercises. Most importantly, thank you for sharing your gift with the world. Warm Regards

Cam V.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Jim for this gift. The moment your music started, I felt it go inside me through every pore of my being, making me feel one with it and with all…… Beautiful.


Dear Jim, I am very impressed by the beautiful sound you have created that promotes heavenly, harmonious music. It is extraordinary. I am writing to you, in hope, that perhaps one day we can produce a CD together. I am basically a vocalist. The kind of music you composed is perfect to the kind of songs I have always hope to sing with to bring healing to a hurting world. Once again, thank you for bringing the joy of life and celebration into our world. Looking forward hearing for you soonest B cheers.

Paul T.

ABOUT: Starfield VIDEO

Your music is divine and you are a heavenly angel guide us and shows us a new world. Thank you for that.


ABOUT: The Mystery of Love VIDEO

Perfection. Aiming for sheer beauty you reached perfection too: D


Since more than a decade I opened that portal thanks to Jim Oliver’s music. Thanks Jim – God Bless You


So very moving and beautiful thanks so much for this song and Starfield too. Keep them coming as they are awakening us.


Jim, can you please publish it on your web page too for us to be able to download this masterpiece and listen to it when and were ever we feel ready to re experience this powerful holistic initiation again and again? 1001 thanks from Munich city in Germany….


This is the kind of music the world is in urgent need of especially right now and actually all over the planet. This is heavenly inspired art helping all humans to evolve to the heights we were created to experience already on earth…..



WOW it is amazing…..for 10 minutes I thought I was in heaven. Thank you as well for sharing this with us.


Dear Jim, I hope this message finds you well. On a flight to LA today, I again listened to your CD’s downloaded to my iPod. It had been a few months. The same music of yours 3 years ago had been instrumental in my healing from a surgery. I also always asked that it be played in the background when I did my meditation or got a massage. Today, again it had me in such a deep state of relaxation that I didn’t even realize the full time of the flight had passed and we were approaching descent. In any case, I just felt compelled to let you know how absolutely wonderful it is. You clearly have a gift, thank you for sharing it with the world. With appreciation All my best


Thank you. I work in a Multi Sensory Center in Delaware with many handicapped and autistic consumers. For one of the autistic young men I play Harmonic Resonance every day from Monday through Friday. The changes in him in thirty minutes are wonderful. He goes from screaming and self-abuse to a happy camper. After about twenty minutes of track one he begins to laugh and he leaves his session smiling. Great Work Jim Oliver. Thank You


Make sure you take the time to listen to this one. The Divine Dragon (Hieros Gamos) musical composition is breathtakingly beautiful…and expresses so much LOVE and TRUTH….there may be tears…have a Kleenex handy.


My breath was taken away by so many moments in your beautiful music. Thank you for sharing this wonderful piece with me.


ABOUT: Year of the Dragon Telesummit

Jim, your beautiful music has a magical way of taking us into another dimension…another realm. I truly felt that I was floating amongst the stars with the angels serenading…and experiencing Heaven right here on Earth. Thank you so much


Wow, the veils are lifted when I play your music.


OMG I love Jim Oliver’s music. Thank you so much

Kim G.

Absolutely gorgeous Touched me in such a beautiful way. Music for the soul. Thank you so much. Such a gift you have.


Wow, Beautiful. As I listened I had the real sense of the Divine coming through you. Thank you for sharing your gift.


My cells were dancing like yours, Judy. WOW

Jacque (USA)

I could feel my body tingling all over. Bravo, Jim.

Brenda (USA)

The healing music was beautiful. I felt my aura being massaged. I cannot explain it any other way. Thank You.

Fran (UK)

I love every CD so far I have purchased from you.

….Nourishing Your Nervous System CD, which I really need. And I am so close to music it is the heartbeat of my soul…..thank for your amazing talents and beauty. I know I chose what I needed most right now. Sincerely,

Christine K.


Hi Jacklyn, Have been to listening to your guest, Jim Oliver, all night long, after buying the package. His work is GLOWING, Jacklyn absolutely nourishing, healing and illuminating. Thank you. Blessings,


From Judy show host

Oh, this was so wonderful….you’ll probably noticed it in my voice…so relaxed…. And I was trying to stay alert because of the show.


Again, thank you and I thoroughly enjoy your music and how God is using you. Lots of Love and Light,


Jim, first let me say how very much I love your music and I use it every day in my work and for myself. Again, thank you for all your beautiful frequencies. I feel as if I am healing the world by just playing your music and allowing the music to flow into the atmosphere. Blessings


I have made the 12 part Puji sessions part of my daily practice. I listen to one a day…so nourishing and wonderful. I just had to share my gratitude. Warmly


I listened to Jim Oliver yesterday on World Puja and his music really does get every cell vibrating….Blessings to ALL…


Dear Jim Thank You with Gratitude for Amazing Music what You create, Sincerely Cordially Greet,


I have been listening to your World Puja series, up to no. 5, Opening The Heart. It is truly beautiful and I greatly appreciate your gift of bringing compassionate loving frequencies instantly to the listener. Your meditation guidance is very complimentary to the experience, thank you so much. Kindest regards,


ABOUT Jims shows Music Meditations and Inner Journeys on The World Puja Network

Thank you, Jim, for the absolutely beautiful WP (World Puja) programs. I am finding so much calmness and inspiration from them.


Hello Jim, I wanted to send you an email & tell you about what happened this morning. First, I will tell you I was introduced to you by a friend the day before you did you beautiful world event in April and signed up. (I also sent it to several friends & know a few of them also listened as well). I was extremely moved by your performance & just so thankful you shared your beautiful gift. I could feel many emotions flowing through my body. I have downloaded a few other things from your website & especially love Radiant Heart.

Back to this morning. I volunteer on Wednesday mornings at the school near my home feeding breakfast to kids in need from kindergarten to grade 5. I’m a Real Estate agent & my office started this at several schools in Toronto (almost everyone contributes financially for the food, but a few actually go & serve it too) I think it brings more to us than to them Anyway, it’s the last month of school & the kids are getting very restless & active. They aren’t allowed to play sports in the cafeteria although they often try so get in trouble from the lady in charge. They are there for about 50 minutes & go outside for 10 minutes before school starts to run around the playground. It only takes about 10 minutes to eat so they have lots of time on their hands & I understand it’s hard from them to stay quiet & still. My intuition is pretty good & I got that I should take my iPod with portable speakers in to play your music today to calm them down. (I played Radiant Heart). Well, there are 40 or maybe more kids there, so the small portable speakers weren’t all that great for volume level, I should have taken my Bose one instead. (next week I think I will). Anyway, I put it on when I got there and the kids were pretty loud & active already, it usually starts off quieter. There were 4 rows of tables & I put it on one of the middle tables at the end. The ones closer to it could hear it, but those further away, couldn’t. At first a few of them wanted to hear Rock or Pop music I said no this is really good & will calm them down. So then a few of them came closer to check out the speakers & hear it.

This school also has a special program for autistic kids & the ones I have met are pretty great. One has ADD as well so he’s very hyperactive but doesn’t want anyone near him & is often disruptive to everyone around him. Today it was a pretty amazing to see what your music did to him. He started off grabbing a girl’s glasses to wear them, so she grabbed them back & he started screaming & got everyone in the room all upset as you can imagine with all the commotion. We calmed him down & told him to listen to the music. He couldn’t sit down at all he was practically bouncing around, but about 4 or 5 minutes later was calm as anything & you would never know there was any problem. He was even playing nicely with the other kids, which he never does.

Then a few other ones at a time came over to where the music was & sat with me to listen to it. They were really enjoying the speakers & touching them. Because I had it on so loud it was vibrating, so we talked about how sound vibrates. I asked one of them if he thought that he was learning the notes if they were vibrating into him & would be able to play it on a piano now? He said for sure he could. So cute Jim. They also said they looked like spaceships. I asked them if they knew how to play any music & 2 of them play flute & read the sheet music in class. One girl got hers out & played for me. Another girl was really tired & looked like she wanted to fall back asleep. I tried to get her to eat to get some energy, but she wasn’t interested. After listening to the music I tried to get her to move as she was sitting to show how the music was flowing through her body (dancing as she was sitting of course I demonstrated). She was grumpy & sleepy & not interested, but after a few minutes really perked up even though she didn’t dance the music got into her soul.

After playing your music today the overall feel & energy in the room was completely different, definitely calmer, but happy too. Just to remind you that many couldn’t even hear it clearly only those closest to it. I believe it was the energy of your beautiful music, plus the ones that heard it & were impacted by it. It shifted the energy in the room.

I went to work out at lunch time & ran into a teacher I know from a different school. I told her about the experience & even played the music for her from my iPhone. She loved the story & said she will get some music from your website & play it for her grade 1 & 2 split class, she told me they have been restless for a couple of months now.

I know the rest of my day was different because of the experience, and hope that others there felt it as well. I had to take the time to write you & share this as I know you love to hear how your music is making a difference. Thank you again for sharing your beautiful gift with the world. Blessings & Light

Carolyn M

What a heavenly sound, Thank you so much.


Hello Jim, I and a friend of mine very much enjoyed your music. Each of us felt a big cleansing happening and so much lighter afterwards. My friend received several new insights, especially how easy it is to heal just listening to music. Blessings and gratitude forever,




Thank you so much, his music speaks to my light, my soul…..it feels so nourishing to me. I’m so excited to have the long version. I listen to his 3 songs on YouTube more than once a day and have introduced it to my friends who have autistic multi sensory perception as I do so I know they will feel the blessings flow. May you enjoy a blissful and joyous weekend. Warmest regards and wishes for a beautiful day,

Lisa G.

Your music is incredible. I feel so light and peaceful when I listen. I’ve created a play list of your music on YouTube. I can see how you would have so many testimonials. And of course, Kenji is a big fan and he knows what’s what in the world of energy healing. He was very enthusiastic about bringing your music to a wider audience.


Beautiful concert tonight. I am a friend of Kenji’s and I took notice of your music on his World Puja program. Bright Blessings.


Thank you again for having attained this kind of inspiration & mastership and for being You!… A role model for all of us. With deep Love and Gratitude

M. N.

Your “Music of the Spheres” sounds to me like loving sound conversations from the Cosmos ‘visiting’, penetrating and cleansing our bio fields and cells, talking to the ‘United Nations of our body systems’, Heart and Soul, and inviting us to join them for a walk in the ‘Elysian fields of the gods’.


Jim, you must have heard it a hundred times before, but let me say it anyway: You are a Master Creator, Teacher and Magician of the highest caliber of Unconditional Love and Consciousness, creating divine, miraculous and healing Harmonies with your music and your very Presence and voice. How wonderful you have understood and followed your divine calling to express divine Self and help the planet.


Hello Jim. What a marvelous gift you allowed me to enjoy, by releasing to me the digital version of your music 6 days in fact before and in addition to today’s arrival of your CDs shipment!! It allowed me to play your music when I was desperate for relief from the itching skin agony I had had for 2 long months, before I heard Jim play his celestial music on John Burgos’ show (which put me in bliss and moved me to tears: I just knew it would heal me. Since you enabled me to listen to the digital downloads very soon after that, I had a major release of my discomfort: I still am learning to “accept” and trust it being real . . . . Just imagine. . . I’m 80 % well!! and I have you to thank for it!


Thanks so much Jim for sharing this wonderful heavenly music with us. Many blessings to you & your loved ones : )


About the Harmonies of Light Music and Color Summer Solstice June 20, 2016 Livestream: “I loved it. It was so beautiful. Thank you so much. The music was gorgeous !!! exquisite !!!!”


Thank you for following up, Jim, I did get what I needed. Your music is most amazing. I will be purchasing much more shortly. Blessings,


Hello Jim. Thank you for your beautiful music. A friend sent me a link to your music and I felt fabulous after listening.

Jennifer O.

I heard you this week June 4th, 2013 on Awakening to Abundance. I loved your music and thank you so much in helping us align our own bodies, fine tune ourselves. Thank you for helping all of us raise our own vibrations. Namaste,


About Jim’s NMMA award for Galactic Soul

Congratulations…you are so deserving of it…Your music is like nothing I have ever heard….

Rose P.

Congratulations <3 Your music is pure Magic.

Elisabeth J

Congratulations! Your music is absolutely Divine! What an amazing talent you have and thank you for sharing your amazing gift with the world.

Egle J

Thank you so much for accepting my friend request. Your music is absolutely amazing, out of this world. It touches the soul and the higher dimensions of our being, you are the blessing to this world!


My name is Linda K. I am a Sound Vibration Healer. I work with alchemy crystal bowls. One of my mentors sent me the link to hear your interview with Awakening to Life’s Abundance. I need to share with you my experience when I listened to the sound bits of the 2 songs you shared. The very first thing I experienced was pure Divine Universal Love!! Tears flowed from this Blessed Love. I was surprised when I started to feel my whole physical body relaxing: the tension was just MELTING away. I experienced my soul vibrational being (without my earth suit : )). My left forearm was vibrating & talking to me loving the love it was receiving. During the second piece the Divine Love appeared and yet the most interesting occurrence was when I could see ancestral patterns being dissolved dissipated It appeared in the form of a deck of cards with faces of my father, grandfather, great grandfather, great great grandfather, great great great grandfather just falling away Archangel Michael was also there. It wasY there are no words to describe it. I do need to preface this with I have been working on different issues I have experienced in this life (and other’s) and I have been asking for guidance on receiving more clarity in resolving challenges that have presented themselves as a result of these experiences. Your music is so powerful! Thank you so much for sharing your Blessed Gift.

Linda K.

Hi Jim, My Dad and brother are named Jim. Your gratitude free download has touched me very deeply. I have been healing an emotional wound I wasn’t sure I could ever get over, and yet your music has allowed me to re connect with the grounded loving person I was in the past who was satisfied with each moment given. It has been working like a highly specialized surgeon going into the innermost parts of my heart unable to release from the pain and releasing it anyway. I feel most blessed to have come across something so healing that no pill or even a counseling session could help. How can hope live in your music? I don’t know, but it does for me. I can see my past and present in the same song and feel nothing but peace, love, and confidence into the next moment. May you be blessed in the very same way your music blesses me and all the fortunate people on the listening end of it. Namaste,


Hi Jim, Hope you don’t mind me reaching out to you directly, just wanted to say how much I truly love and appreciate your unique musical talents & gifts and thought your recent session with Jacklyn Johnston was really special. I am a guitarist (mostly classic guitar but other genres as well) and can very much relate to your method of spontaneous improvisation, weaving particular tones & harmonies into an ethereal soundscape that helps us experience grace and reconnect with our highest state of Beingness. The reverberations and resonance after a track has ended are pure magic… Also love the fact that you tune your A above middle C to 444Hz and everything relates to that. Just heavenly my friend


Written To show host Jacklyn Johnston

I must tell you Jacklyn that the program that you and Jim Oliver put together was the best, most heart-warming totally sincere communication I’ve experienced in a long time. Thank you. Blessings to you


Want to mention as well that your words and verbal expression add immeasurably to the experience for those of your listeners who are attuned to the emotional connection with Spirit and engaging our highest nature and purpose. Simply beautiful and very, very powerful & transformational.


Beautiful music reverberating through the finest particles in the Universe I simply love it


Thank you so much Jim, you have been and still are undeniably making a real, positive difference for many in the world, yours truly included. Love & blessings to you


Hi Jim, I purchased your CD The Frequencies of Gratitude in Tubac and I listen to it almost every day I LOVE IT so much, the newest thing is that I start to cry more like sobbing during playing and I feels soooooooooooo good! Thank you again! had to share this with you. Peace and Love


Thank you so much! I’ve been listening to “Musical Massage” for about seven years now and it still moves me. I used to do searches for more music by you every so often but never found anything. So when I saw your name, and the offer, I was ecstatic! I love your music it speaks to my soul, and being an energy worker and healer myself, I know that’s rare! So thank you for continuing to make healing music! And thank you for looking into this for me. In love and light